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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in doing a boudoir shoot but have never done one, you probably have some questions rolling around in your head.  So, here are the most asked questions answered!

  1. Do you show my images publicly? Your privacy is very important to me. I only share images if  a client is happy to. If you want to share to the women’s only vip group I have but not on the website or on social media, you can. If you want to share them all you can. If you want to share just certain ones you can. If you don’t want any to be shared at all, your wishes are expressly honored. Images are never shared without written consent on a image release form.
  2. Do I have to get naked? Absolutely not! How you get photographed is completely up to you. You can do lingerie, an implied nude (just covered with a sheet/etc), topless, or totally nude.  I am very comfortable with photographing nudes, so it’s definitely an option if you choose to, but you can go as conservative as you desire as well. These are your portraits and your comfort level!
  3. I don’t like my stomach/ legs/ butt/ arms, etc./ I’m heavier than I want to be. Do I need to lose weight to do this?  NO! Almost every woman I photograph has an area of their body they aren’t in love with. We just need to talk about what you love about you and your body and what you might not like to accentuate. I know just how to pose you to flatter you and your favorite parts of you and hide what you don’t. Just through posing and camera angle I can take off pounds and get beautiful images of every person.
  4. Can you photoshop me skinny? My personal philosophy is that I want your images to be the most beautiful images of you you have ever seen, but still authentically you. In truth, 90% of my images need almost no slimming because of the way I pose and photograph. When you come in for your ordering session, you will see unedited images as I’m completely confident that you will love them even before I do any retouching of them. Once you purchase, I do any light skin retouching and artistic edits to the color of them. If there is something that you would like photoshopped, I have no problem doing reasonable requests such as skin smoothing or removing a slight bump. However I don’t completely change body shapes into something that is not even who a person is as I feel like that is unhealthy. I have yet to have someone not absolutely love the images they see at their ordering sessions!
  5. What do I wear? I have so many ideas of what to wear and what flatters different body types. I’ve got links to a pinterest board that will give you lots of ideas as well as a what to wear guide that will help walk you through getting ready for your shoot. Part of the excitement is finding what makes you feel sexy for your shoot!
  6. Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/significantly other to the session? I personally ask that you do not. People generally start out a little nervous at the beginning of their session. To have someone watching your every move while getting photographed can make this a very unnerving experience.
  7. Can I just get the digitals? We live in a digital age, absolutely. However, I am a full service studio. I personally don’t really want to give someone a disc and hope that they find a printer that is going to print them the right color and tone.  Plus, do you really want to upload such sensitive images of yourself randomly online to a mass printer or take them to a big box chain store to be printed and trust the people behind the counter? I think it’s a disservice to you to hand you some digitals and say “Ok, go figure out what to do with them.” I want my clients to go home with something beautifully, professionally printed of quality and that I can control how it turns out. Digitals are available for purchase by themselves, but are greatly reduced in price when you purchase an heirloom book or album.
  8. How long does it take to get my album or products? I tell people that there is a 3-4 week turnaround time once the purchase is paid in full.